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The Japanese rap track “Soul Quake” by Lil Rich features C.O.S.A. and Jin Dogg, providing a candid glimpse into the daily lives of young artists facing financial challenges and aspirations. From the rapper’s album titled “Soul Quake,” this track explores themes such as money, relationships, and personal growth. Discover “Soul Quake,” the latest track from Japanese rapper Lil Rich in collaboration with C.O.S.A. and Jin Dogg. Let’s delve into the sincere lyrics, addressing wealth, relationships, and personal evolution.

The song exposes the truth about wealth and material desires. The lyrics depict a wealthy young man who, despite his possessions, is still searching for something more within his ever-changing heart. Lil Rich presents himself as a “rich boy” who buys games but doesn’t get too involved, letting his friends enjoy on his behalf. The first verse touches on the struggle to quit smoking and distractions such as live parties with friends. The reality of having money but not enough to eliminate frustrations is emphasized, revealing a more human side behind the facade of wealth.

C.O.S.A. takes over in the second verse, addressing material acquisitions and the escalation of desires. He describes the life of a rapper, highlighting the evolution of the music scene since 2013 and the importance of staying relevant. References to the rain of money, punchlines, and bold lifestyle choices add narrative depth. Jin Dogg’s third verse honestly looks at his difficult past, selling anything that could bring money. He reflects on the dark days of his life, emphasizing personal transformation, ending misery, and now dedicating himself to music with his friends.

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